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Each year the Adler Graduate School’s Social Interest in Action Committee takes our vision statement— transforming society through social interest in action – to heart. This year, our committee selected our Field Experience Partner, Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health & Well-Being.

Lee Carlson supports various mental health populations in our Minnesota community including adults with SPMI, children and adolescents in various school settings, outpatient clinics, and community centers.  We have past graduates who are now current professionals working for Lee Carlson Center in various capacities. Additionally, we have current students working on obtaining field experience hours at their organization. 

We were honored to have collected specific donations on the participants wish list as well as monetary donations in the form of gift cards. We want to thank our Adler community for the kind generosity and support toward a wonderful mental health organization within our local community.  

Brittney Keating, a recent school counseling graduate student, entered Adler Graduate School (AGS) without much knowledge of Adlerian psychology. She googled graduate schools in Minnesota, talked with respected friends and family and fell in love with Adlerian psychology after her first class at AGS: 511 Foundations of Adlerian Psychology.

From the useful learning tools acquired in class discussions to the influential instructors teaching classes from their experiences, Brittney found Adler to be refreshing and relevant. She built a cohort of classmates that became lasting friendships. This sense of belonging only furthered as she continued into her internship.

Brittney was personally selected from her program to join the Adler School Counseling Service Center (SCSC), created by Doug Pelcak – Coordinator of School Counseling Internships and Service Center. The program partners with charter schools k-2, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. The goal of the SCSC is to collaborate with schools to create comprehensive school counseling programs, impact systems, and address the needs of school counselors and underserved school communities by providing education and consultation to increase the quality and access of SC services.

Brittney spends her days working with kids to provide support and understanding: describing what it means to be a good family member, friend, and student both 1-1 and in small group settings. She helps build a foundation of developmental social and emotional learning skills.

“Doug set a good base for school counseling in this program. I get to work with students in a way I believe in, which I learned from Adler, with a supportive staff that believes in the school.” In the last year, Brittney has been hired on with her intern charter school. She has developed anti-drug programs and is currently working with an Adler Graduate School art therapy student to bring in art programs to help students come together as a group. “I love that I get to help bring a counseling program with Adlerian base to schools in need: helping form a community and school culture.”

At Adler Graduate School, we love to see our graduates in action. Brittney’s story inspires all of us at AGS to continue developing human services professionals. To learn more about our programs or discover what you can do with Adler Graduate School click here.


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