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Our team at Adler Graduate School (AGS) recently spent time with Ashwak Hassan, a 2014 graduate. She shared her story of inspiration in becoming a mental health professional, overcoming obstacles, and how her determination to embrace imperfection leads her goals for the future in her Somali community.

Lenny Hayes, MA, is the Founder/Owner of Tate Topa Consulting, LLC. When he found Adler Graduate School through a mentor and professor, Dr. William Premo, Lenny was still earning his Bachelor’s degree. Much to his fortune, he was able to complete his last class as an undergraduate while beginning the long journey to obtaining his Master’s degree.

The NASAP conference brings about new (and old) connections, insights, great speakers, and just a whole lot of fun learning from others who share in the teachings of Adlerian Theory. Naturally, we want to be part of the fun and present to our peers some of the innovative ideas we implement at Adler Graduate School (AGS). This year, we wanted to present on some of the current trends we are seeing at AGS and how these can be connected back to the education of our students.

Dr. Harold Mosak z”l, one of the preeminent interpreters of Alfred Adler and his individual psychology, died June 1 at the age of 96.

Pat Welch, a current Art Therapy student, grew up in a Native community with indigenous world views. She has continually worked with kids in Native groups finding value and belonging by combining art and people. In the early 90’s, she was a Member of the Ordway Center for Performing Arts Cultural Advisory Counsel. She spent two years at a Native Youth Theater Project that focused on indigenous writers, involving kids in viewing theatre performances, and kids creating plays. These plays showed the interdependence of the native values: everyone plays a role.

To embrace our mission, vision, values, and deep-rooted beliefs in a call for social interest in action, Adler Graduate School partners with various community organizations in offering discounted tuition scholarships. Our team recently met with each of our community partners to spotlight the social interest they have vested in our communities.

Adler Graduate School (AGS) is always excited to hear about what our graduates have pursued after graduation. Our team was able to catch Beth McNally and Adam Arnold, the dynamic duo, who graduated in 2011 and 2009. They spilled the beans to our team on how they met, their experiences at AGS, and what they have been up to since graduating.

Adam: Beth?

Beth: Yeah?

Adam: We’re instant messaging right now.

Adler Graduate School (AGS) is honored to spotlight our School Counseling Service Center (SCSC) in their recent award. The SCSC received the 2018 Minnesota Association of Charter Schools Innovation Award for student learning. The award recognizes the innovative partnership with Seven Hills Preparatory Academy, which was initiated five years ago and has since developed and evolved to match their school's growth and meet the students' changing needs in counseling. 

Catherine Reid Day, a 2011 Adler alumna, recently shared with us that her case study and article was published in the spring 2018 issue of the Journal of Individual Psychology.

Catherine came to Adler Graduate School because a friend repeatedly mentioned, “You’re a natural Adlerian.” Not understanding what her friend meant, Catherine investigated and found Adler Graduate School.

To embrace our mission, vision, values, and deep-rooted beliefs in a call for social interest in action, Adler Graduate School Art Therapy program partners with the Lifeworks Organization to help facilitate a sense of purpose and belonging through art therapy.


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