Adlerian Collection

The Adler Graduate School Library contains copies of commonly used Adlerian texts and works by Adlerian authors.


Journal of Individual Psychology

Access to the Journal of Individual Psychology, the primary journal for Adlerian psychology, is provided through the EBSCO database (publication years 1974-present).

In addition, the Adlerian Digitization Project ( provides the full text of articles from the Journal of Individual Psychology (1940-1973), Individual Psychology, American Journal of Individual Psychology, Individual Psychology Bulletin, Individual Psychology News, and Individual Psychologist (1963-78).


Adlerian Article Database Index

The Adlerian Article Database is an index of the articles that have appeared in various Adlerian publications. Much of the material covered in the Adlerian Article Database is indexed in EBSCO, with a selection of material available in full text.

Download The Adlerian Article Database

Adler Graduate School Research Center

The AGS Research Center contains Adlerian materials: a donated collection from Margot Adler, a donated collection from the Alfred Adler Institute of New York, and the personal collection of Harold H. Mosak. These collections provide access to over 3000 items, including books, journals, articles, photographs, and memorabilia from Adler family members and noted Adlerian scholars. The Research Center provides students, faculty, alumni, and scholars with access to unique, rare, and specialized Adlerian materials.

Persons interested in accessing the Adler Graduate School Research Center can browse the collections and use them in research and scholarship.

Please contact the AGS librarian for information about and access to the collections; email: