Scholarship Opportunities

Adler Graduate School awards scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, and personal background. Scholarships are financial aid awards that do not have to be repaid. The following is a list of scholarships available to AGS students who are enrolled in a Certificate or Master's program.  Scholarships must be applied for before enrolling and are not automatic.:

*10% tuition discount scholarships for:

  • Members of ethnic or racial groups historically excluded from and underrepresented in graduate education – Black, Indigenous (American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, or other Native Pacific Islander) and/or Latinx*Being of a gender and/or sexual orientation identity historically underrepresented in your field of study*Holding DACA, TPS, refugee, or asylee status
  • AGS alumni (includes students who have completed a master’s degree or Certificate at Adler Graduate School.
  • Persons officially registered as a member of a Native American tribal group – Proof of status when beginning relationship with AGS is required
  • Persons who are active in or an honorably discharged veteran of some branch of the military (i.e., Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard) and their spouse – Proof of status when beginning relationship with AGS is required
  • Persons currently employed with the following non-profit organizations – Proof of status when beginning relationship with AGS is required and you are responsible for notifing AGS if employment status with covered non-profit organization changes
    • Avivo
    • Greater MN Family Services
    • Canvas Health
    • The Family Partnership
    • Wayside House
    • House of Charity
    • Headway Emotional Services
    • East Side Neighborhood Services
    • Nystrom & Associates, Ltd
    • Fernbrook Family Center

*AGS will provide a maximum of 10% tuition discount on the tuition costs related to the completion of educational requirements. Tuition scholarship is not related to books and other fees, or discretionary items. Students are only allowed one 10% tuition discount scholarship, even if they meet the criteria of more than one scholarship category. Tuition discount scholarships are not applied retroactively.

Apply by completing the Tuition Discount Scholarship Form. Eligible continuing students should complete and submit this form to the Director of Financial Aid after they have registered for classes but before the first day of the term. New students should complete and submit this form to an admissions staff member along with their admission application materials. Eligible students will have their scholarships applied to their account their first term after submitting their form.

For complete scholarship details refer to the Tuition Discount Scholarship Policy.

Outside Sources of Scholarships & Grants

We also encourage our students to seek scholarships through outside sources - a good place to start is the FastWeb is a free scholarship search service; students provide information about their backgrounds and their academic pursuits, and FastWeb will identify foundations, agencies or other organizations that offer scholarships and match students' profiles. Application forms are available in Student Services.

Wayne F. Placek Grants These grants are made possible by a bequest from Wayne Placek, a participant in Dr. Evelyn Hooker's groundbreaking research in the 1950s which showed that homosexuality is not a form of psychopathology.

Psi Chi (National Psychology Honor Society)

Sources of Research Funding (from Social Psychology Network)

Funding & Grants for Graduate Students in Psychology (APA Education Directorate)

Grants from the National Institute of Health offers customized scholarship services

Archibald Bush Foundation provides grants in the human services, health, education and arts and fellowships in the areas of leadership, arts, and medicine. We have had students and faculty receive grants from the Bush Foundation.