Adlerian Collection

The Core Adlerian Collection consisting of works by Alfred Adler, Alexandra Adler, Willard and Marguerite Beecher, the Dinkmeyers, Rudolf and Sadie Dreikurs, Eva Dreikurs Ferguson, Jane Nelson, Harold Mosak, Bernard Shulman and others.

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The Adlerian Article Database is an index of the articles that have appeared in:

  • Journal of Individual Psychology (under various titles since 1940) and it's precursor
  • The International Journal of Individual Psychology (1935-1937)
  • The Adlerian Yearbook ( UK )
  • International Journal of Individual Psychology and Comparative Studies
  • The Canadian Journal of Adlerian Psychology
  • The Individual Psychologist
  • First two volumes of the Minutes of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society (1906-1910), when Adler was a member of the group.
  • Harold Mosak's On Purpose: Collected Papers (1977), Alfred Adler: His Influence on Psychology Today (1973)
  • Bernard Shulman's Contributions to Individual Psychology: Selected Papers (1973)
  • Walter O'Connell's Action Therapy and Adlerian Theory: Selected Papers (1975)
  • Roy Kern, et al Couples Therapy : An Adlerian Perspective (1989)
  • Rudolf Dreikur's Child Guidance and Education: Collected Papers (1974), and Psychodynamics, Psychotherapy, and Counseling
  • Oscar C. Christensen, et al, Adlerian Family Counseling (1983)
  • Arthur G. Nikelly , et al, Techniques for Behavior Change (1971)
  • Alfred Adler's The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology (1929), Superiority and Social Interest: A Collection of Later Writings (1964), The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler (1956), and the articles in volumes 2-4 of the Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler (edited by Henry Stein).

Much of the material covered in the Adlerian Article Database is indexed in the resources from EBSCO (some even available full-text), but other titles are not, such as The Canadian Journal of Adlerian Psychology, The Adlerian Yearbook and International Journal of Individual Psychology and Comparative Studies.


Adlerian Article Database