Alumni Association

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If you attended the Adler Graduate School, or any of its previous affiliations (Minnesota Adlerian Society, Adler Institute of Minnesota, or Alfred Adler Graduate School) you are already a member so let us hear from you!!!  We appreciate you taking a little time to fill out the brief survey.

Alumni Association Vision

The Adler Graduate School Alumni Association (AGSAA) is a gathering force of Adler Graduate School (Adler) administration, faculty, alumni, the current student body and the community, to maximize their talents and skills to experience and promote social interest.

Alumni Association Mission

The mission of the AGSAA is to create collaborative opportunities for Adler administrators, faculty, alumni, students, and the community, so that personal growth and professional enrichment is enhanced for all.

Alumni Association Goals

The Alumni Association has defined 3 major goals that set the direction for activities that will follow the defined Vision and Mission for the organization.

1.   Monitor the procedures, documentation, and structure of the Adler Graduate School's Alumni Association to keep it timely and relevant with its vision, mission, and goals. 

2.   The Adler Graduate School Alumni Association will take a role as an advocate, resource, and asset for the alumni, the students, and the Adler Graduate School over all.

3.   Establish and strengthen collaborative partnerships with the Adler Graduate School and its affiliates.

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