About Adler

Welcome to the Adler Graduate School!

Alfred Adler believed the true measure of one’s overall health is displayed in their level of social interest.  The Adler Graduate School manifests this social interest through its dual commitments to higher education and community service.  We seek continuous improvement in all our spheres of activity as we train a diverse student body for service to a diverse community.  We take pride in our individualized relationships with students, alumni, faculty and staff and aspire to an organizational environment where people can serve or be served with great dignity.  

The Adler Graduate School’s chief assets – outside of our rich human resources – are our foundations in Adlerian Psychology and the intimacy of our service delivery model.   Customer service is a priority, as is our commitment to diversity. 

In today’s environment, every educational institution’s ability to serve its students and the overall community depends on continuous improvement.  In the case of the Adler Graduate School, this commitment to continuous improvement is evident in a variety of key areas, including our academic programming, our level of civic engagement, our effective governance of the School, and our ongoing development of the human, physical and financial resources critical to a healthy organization. 

We are trying to do some unique things here at the Adler Graduate School; merging higher education and civic engagement.  Please take the opportunity to review the contents of our website.  I hope you will let us know if you have questions or comments.


Dan Haugen, PhD

Annual Report 2016/2017