Student Association

The Student Association will meet every other Wednesday from 4:30PM-5:30PM.
All students are welcome to attend at any time.
Official minutes are prepared for each meeting and will be available on a menu tab on the left side of this page.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Adler Graduate School Student Association is to be a constructive voice for the students, encourage student participation within the school and community and be a general resource for alumni, staff and student body. Ultimately, the Association seeks to facilitate the enhancement of student leadership skills as well as encourage social interest.

Purpose of the Adler Graduate School Student Association:

Operate as an official line of communication for AGS community members; facilitate discussion between faculty, staff and student body.
Encourage and promote extracurricular participation in the AGS community.
Function as a general resource for faculty, staff and student body.


The Association has oversight by the Academic Vice-President with ad hoc membership by the Director of Admissions and the Director of Student Success Services. A faculty advisor is an active member of the association by attending meetings and providing input, guidance and direction of activity.

A traditional administrative level of leadership had been utilized (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) with positions filled via solicitation. As of January, 2014, an Executive Committee was established with President, Vice President, and Treasurer. A minimum number of three students need to be on the Committee; six to eight is highly desirable. This will ensure that there is representation by the student body at every Association meeting. If a student is willing to make the commitment to attend all Association meetings or a significant number for the year, they can move onto the Executive Committee at any time.


All students are members by virtue of being enrolled at Adler Graduate School. Students can attend scheduled Student Association meetings at any time.


Fees are generated each semester for the Student Association from each student via registration fees. The fee amount is $5.00.


The president of the Executive Committee can be contacted via e-mail at:

Executive Committee

President: TBD

Secretary: TBD

Treasurer: TBD

Past Leadership

Heidi Hammond (May 2012 to Dec 2012)
Lori Thibideau (June 2010 to June 2012)
Wendy Frieze (Jan 2010 to June 2010)
Sherry Merriam (June 2009 to Dec 2009)
Patrick Robinson (Dec 2008 to May 2009)
Ken Becker (Oct 2008 to Nov 2008)
Beth McNally (May 2008 to Sep 2008)
Tia Hernandez (2008)
Michelin Hegland (Jan 2007 to Apr 2008)
Sam Root (Dec 2005 to Apr 2008)
Kim Smisek (2005)
Jeff Dye (2004)
Barbara Hopperstad (2003)
Patti Zandt (2002)
Deborah Luther (2001)