Doug Pelcak, MA, LSC

Professional Development and School Service Center Coordinator; Full-Time Faculty Member, Student Advisor

The core of my teaching philosophy is focused around student learning – the needed endpoint of any educational experience.  A focus on student affirmation and strengths is necessary for an optimal learning atmosphere.

I teach with an Adlerian orientation that emphasizes belonging and contributing in an atmosphere of safety in our learning community. The social emotional concept of “Triple Focus” is critical: self-knowledge by the instructor, empathy/compassion to the students’ conditions, and connection of the learning to the greater world. 

The relationship of teachers and students is collaborative – a partnership that maximizes the learning condition.  Participatory student involvement increases attention and investment in the learning process with encouragement being one of the key classroom norms.   Informal and discussion-based learning communities facilitate student achievement of learning outcomes.


M.A. Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology

Educational Psychology

Elementary School Counseling

University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota

A.P.A. Approved Program

B.S. Elementary   Education

University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota

B.A. Psychology

Magna Cum Laude Bucknell University Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

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Doug has been with the Hopkins School District since 1979. He does private therapy specializing in working with individuals with ADHD.

Select Publications: 


*Authored a published comprehensive literature review and training packet for educators at the elementary level for Project BORN FREE

*Authored "School Interventions Supplement" for the TOVA(Test of Variables of Attention) and "The Use of the TOVA in School Screening for ADHD”

Academic History (higher ed experience): 


Professional Development Coordinator/School Counseling Service Center Coordinator -Alfred Adler Graduate School, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Elementary School Counselor - Glen Lake School, Minnetonka, Minnesota

Staff Therapist - Institute for Therapy, Edina, Minnesota

Staff Therapist - Eagan Counseling Clinic, Eagan, Minnesota

Staff Therapist - Psychology Network, Ltd., Burnsville, Minnesota

Staff Consultant - Project BORN FREE, University of Minnesota