Amanda Luedtke, MA, LPC, LPCC-S

Adjunct Faculty Member

During my time as an educator, I have found that the depth and breadth of my own learning continues to mold and guide my teaching philosophy. Each course, each student, each interaction leaves me with a more polished, clear vision of the ways that I hope to inspire my students to interact with their world.

My on-going professional experiences in the field contributes to my passion for teaching. Time spent developing trainings, providing clinical supervision, understanding grant funded-programs and direct client work continues to keep me engaged on a day-to-day basis, and enables me to bring these experiences to my classroom.

New knowledge must coincide with the question of “So what now?” My goal for my students is that they ask themselves how new information impacts their view of their world, their peers and themselves. Knowledge without action is limited. It is vital to create a learning environment that is produces systemic knowledge and connections between learning targets to the real life experiences. The greatest human need is a sense of belonging and if students are able to connect themselves to others, they will able to be impactful in immeasurable ways. My desire is that students will connect deeper with other students, faculty, internship placements and within development networks within their chosen field.


MA - Adler Graduate School, Richfield, MN

BS - University of Northwestern, St. Paul, MN

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