Master's Project

As of Summer 2018 the Master's Project was replaced by the completion of the Professional Portfolio, Those students who matriculated before Summer 2018 have the option to do the Portfolio, or Master's Project. The final 602 class will be offered in Fall of 2019. If you took 602 and choose the Portfolio, the Portfolio Completion class 604 is free since 602 was completed. 

Completion of the Master’s Project marks the end of your academic journey at the Adler Graduate School.  It is the final stage of your work toward the master’s degree.  At this final stage, you have achieved not only a general awareness about the helping profession, but a specific set of knowledge about Adlerian psychology. Additionally, completion of your Master's Project marks the beginning of your professional career. Optimally, the Master’s Project demonstrates one of the best qualities of Adlerian psychology – psychology of use.  

The Master’s Project is an in-depth study of a topic in your area of academic interest and the topic’s interface with Adlerian psychology.  In consultation with a Master’s Project Chairperson, you select an academic topic of professional or personal interest and/or community significance and examine it through both a field perspective as well as an Adlerian lens.  The project is an in-depth investigation of this topic, including the history of the issue, current status, clinical/practical utilization, and future implications. Students have 12 months to complete their Master's Project from the time they begin 602 - Development of the Master's Project. Upon successful completion of the Master's Project, the Chairperson schedules the oral exam, the final capstone for program completion. If the Master's Project is not completed in 12 months a continuation fee equal to 1 credit is charged every semester until the Master's Project is completed along with the Oral Defense.

Adler Master's Project Guidelines FAQ and Form

MP Guidelines FAQ Prop Form .docx

Two Paths for Completing the Master’s Project

Option One: Literature Review
A literature review is an in-depth academic investigation of a topic of academic interest related to Adlerian psychology. A well-conceived and well-written literature review is part of  your academic portfolio which can be presented to graduate schools (e.g., Ph.D, Psy.D) as a part of  your admission materials should you decide to pursue a terminal degree. In addition, the literature review could lay the foundation for future graduate research such as a doctoral dissertation.

Option Two: Literature Review + an Experiential Project.
This option involves an in-depth academic investigation and experiential presentation of a topic of community significance, studied in current academic research, and interfaced with Adlerian psychology. For example, you could create a grant proposal, a new community or therapeutic program development plan, a theatrical play, curriculum for group or classroom psychosocial counseling, or a book submitted for a publication.  A highlight of such a project is a community-based or professional event (e.g., in-service training, conference presentation, play, art exhibit, or other type of presentation determined by the student, her/his committee, and approved by the  Department Chair..

Master's Project Proposal Form and Feedback Form

Please type your information into the MP Guidelines FAQ Prop Form .docx Save a copy of your proposal in the format: MP-Lastname-Firstname-MM-DD-YY.

Rachelle Reinisch will be assigning the Chairs for the final Master's Projects. 

Participant Feedback Form for Experiential Projects

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