Master of Arts in Leadership Development | Master of Arts in Counseling

Master of Arts: 

Leadership Development

This degree is intended to reach those who are seeking to enhance their role as a leader within a current position, professionally, communally, or personally to lead and promote socially connected systems and social change.. The course work will assist in the advancement of  ones knowledge of leadership, with a foundation and understanding of leadership, positivist organizational theory, and Individual Psychology,  with the goal to gain insight as to how each person can positively, impact relationships, and teams, within all contexts of interaction.  Additionally, skills will be gained in leadership through facilitating individual and organizational well-being through encouragement and their knowledge, insights, and application of positive leadership principles. The application of this knowledge and a unique skill set which will enhance overall effectiveness in working with teams, organizations, and communities. 


For  those who intend to apply leadership theory in their daily interactions within their given profession, community leadership areas, social justice, education, ministry, healthcare (e.g. nursing), corporate organizations, parenting training, government agencies, and non-profit administration.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Masters in Leadership Development is to foster personal and professional skills to develop and apply leadership skills which facilitate healthy and fulfilling relationships for people, organizations, and communities through the understanding and application of core concepts in the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler and positive leadership theory.

Leadership Development Description and Application of Learning Outcomes

Master of Arts  Counseling 

Art Therapy

Receive specialized training in Art Therapy theory & practice through integrative & experiential courses. Students maintain their artistic integrity while choosing a focus on Marriage, Couples, & Family Counseling or Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Develop a professional identity with social interest in mind with an emphasis on art therapy.

 Clinical Counseling

Adler Graduate School’s counseling program prepares students to become professional counselors that offer ethical, culturally-responsive, wellness-oriented, and evidence-based preventive and therapeutic mental health services to diverse individuals, couples, and families. Click HERE to learn more about the program and our three specialty areas:

School Counseling

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide competent counseling in K-12 settings, prepared for licensure in any state. This program focuses on evidence-based practices, developmental psychology, and counseling for diverse and exceptional children.