How to Support Adler Graduate School Without Spending a Penny

Alumni Celebrating Adler Graduate School's Grand Re-Opening Event

Today’s communication environment is constantly changing. With so many options available, it can be challenging for organizations with the best of intentions to reach people, and even more challenging for supporters to know how to help. Like any organization, a little help from supporters can go a long way. Fortunately, there are several ways to support the AGS community without spending a fortune. 


You’ve already showcased your support for AGS’s mission to empower & develop mental health and human service professionals by becoming a part of our community - So why not collaborate our efforts in a focused approach to contribute to that mission?


Write A Heartfelt Review

An organization's reputation is important. 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses, and 57% will only choose a business if it’s rating is at or above 4 stars. With the vast amount of options available, it’s crucial for today’s organization to have a solid online reputation. On the other hand, when someone has a bad experience they’re likely to tell 15 - 20 people about it, taking roughly 40 reviews to undo the damage of a bad review.


Did you have a positive experience with us?  We encourage you to share it to help others in the same situation where you once found yourself! Additionally, If we fell short please reach out to us via email - feedback is still extremely important. While knowing what could be improved is welcomed, it definitely is more effective to get in touch directly with the right person, and certainly less harmful. 


Like, Comment, Share

Many of us know that social media is a huge opportunity for the AGS community to share our message. It can allow us to reach individuals that don’t even know Adler existed. What many of us may not know is that for people to see it, our content must be favored by the social media channel’s algorithmWe see several passionate supporters on social media regularly, and they help in more ways than most of us know. By regularly engaging with AGS on social media, they've allowed others to see our message that normally wouldn’t. Sharing a post, clicking that like button, or simply commenting “love it!” is enough.


Connect with us:

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Create Your Own Content

Are you visiting AGS soon? Working on an Art Therapy project? Attending a workshop? These are all great opportunities to put AGS on the map. Taking a picture and tagging AGS or using #AdlerGrad on social media can be incredibly valuable and share our message with others.


Tell Us What You’re Up To

Staying in contact is crucial to maintaining a higher learning community in today’s environment, and it’s inspiring to see the work of others come to fruition. It’s similar to the benefits of a good review, and it’s a chance to show people how others have benefited through Adlerian Psychology. It also allows aspiring mental health professionals to reach out and build their network. On the topic of what you’re up to, we love to feature alumni happenings in newsletters, blog posts, and on social media.


If you’re short on ideas, you can answer a quick question: What is your current role and how do you incorporate Adlerian Psychology to help others?

Example: “As an LPCC at [organization name] I regularly use prevention, intervention, and clinical skills for working with diverse clients, helping them feel a sense of contributing and belonging through Adlerian psychology.” - Jane Doe, AGS Alumni, 2013


Share Your Story | Alumni Association


Share Materials Related Adlerian Psychology

If you’ve contributed to any journal, study, presentation, or other relevant works, you’re showing the world that Adlerian Psychology is just as useful today as it was in its infancy. We’d like to share those contributions to our audience. Showing thought leadership allows our community to gain visibility, influence, validation, and access, inspiring others to contribute to our mission of empowering & developing mental health and human service professionals.


Share Your Contributions


Word Of Mouth & Referrals

Whether you’re an instructor or involved in a related organization, putting in a good word about Adler is extremely valuable. You could have a student that’s inspired by social interest or a friend that’s interested in enhancing their career. Perhaps you’re in touch with a human resources professional or business leader that’s looking to strengthen their skill set. Sharing AGS as an option not only benefits us but helps spread the word about the benefits of Adlerian Psychology.


Many of us were students before email existed and well before social media. You may have had an incredible experience with AGS and have yet to share it, or were unaware that your reviews and interactions online are valuable. One thing is certain - a little support in any of these areas can contribute to our shared goal, all without spending a penny!