AGS News - January 2019

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President's Corner

Reflecting on the graduation ceremony of November 11, 2018, I was struck by the speeches of student speakers Patricia Welch and Danny Shaheen - embodying the Adlerian Principles of dignity, respect, equality, purpose, belonging, encouragement, contribution, and social interest.

The significance of what their speeches embodied was accentuated by the date of their delivery, Veteran’s Day, drawing parallels to Alfred Adler and Rudolph Dreikurs’ escape from tyranny. In 2007 the daughter of Rudolph Dreikurs, Eva Dreikurs Fergusen, spoke to the St. Louis Dispatch about the importance of their contributions.

“The principles of democracy and equality held by my father and Dr. Adler became an intellectual movement, feared by dictators and despots throughout the world. In 1945, the world was dealing with the aftermath of World War II’s autocratic and tyrannical regimes.” Fergusen added, “Yet today’s dictators around the world continue to limit people’s freedom, equality, and their opportunity to learn.”

Reflecting on present-day life, the external threats of the past are rivaled with the internal threats of today. The threat of violence looms in our streets, places of worship, nightclubs, and schools because of structural racism and discrimination. The events in Pittsburg and California echo this sadness, restricting our personal freedom and democracy.

“My father envisioned a world where Adlerian psychology would do more than foster the well-being of children and families; he sought to bring Adler’s principles and methods to schools, organizations, and international relations where we are to train people around the globe and to focus on the prevention of psychological and human relations problems rather than on treating problems after they exist.”

During these times I would like to send thoughts of healing and tolerance to those suffering from trauma and loss, and remind us that in addition to thoughts and prayers, there is action.  As participants in Adler Graduate School, with our vision to transform society through social interest in action, we support the life task to get involved and make the world a better place for generations to come. It is an honor to be part of that vision, but it is also a responsibility for each of us.

Introducing Adlerian Students In Action

Good news!

A new student organization is forming on campus! Adlerian Students in Action (ASA) will serve as a resource for students to gather, share, and engage in professional development opportunities within the community. ASA has an action-oriented group social interest, and a central goal is to create and foster inclusivity at AGS and in the greater community.

Membership in a student group is excellent for networking, professional development, building community, and importantly, it looks great on a resume! Becoming a member is simple—just signing up and then when your schedule allows; engaging in our social network, email, and campus communities will do!

There is no cost in joining Adlerian Students in Action. The only requirement is your social interest & interest in connecting with other Adler Grads. We are currently looking for student leaders. Serving as a student leader will give you an opportunity to engage in community organizing, leadership, networking, and to provide a student voice in select faculty committees! If you’re interested in serving as a student leader, please contact Bre at

To stay connected with Adlerian Students in Action:

Here’s a quick peek at what’s coming up for the Adlerian Students in Action group!


Career Corner with Bre: Resume & Cover Letter Workshop (Cost: Free)

Join us for a crash course on what makes an effective resume and cover letter package. This is the first quarter of a four-part career development series that will be offered once per term. Other topics that will be covered this year are; Interviewing Basics, a Community Employer Panel & Networking opportunity, and a LinkedIn workshop

Monday, January 14th | 5:00PM-6:00PM


Adlerian Students in Action Group (1st Meeting) (Cost: Free)

Join us for pizza and a social hour from 5:00-6:00PM on Tuesday, January 15th. This hour is simply meant for an opportunity to connect, share ideas for the student group, and mingle with other Adler Grads.

Tuesday, January 15th | 5:00PM-6:15PM

Art Therapy Corner

We're certainly busy in the new art therapy studio! It's bustling with classes, student learning, and art therapy studio experiences with the community. We're continuing to emphasize new community partnership art therapy experiences, constantly putting the studio to good use.

Partnership Updates

We're partnering with Reach for Resources and their Art Ability program to provide free art therapy mental health services for adults on Friday nights. Community Art Therapist Emily Wright, MA AT leads this group, providing a wonderful opportunity to connect, create, and find a sense of belonging through the art therapy process. We’re happy to contribute to this ongoing partnership, serving the community and providing fieldwork opportunities for training onsite at AGS. This experience will end with an art show in 2019; look for more details to follow.

Open Circle, an Augustana Care Adult Day Program,  is another community partner and local Hopkins organization in which participants receive art therapy services on a monthly basis. Participants arrive by bus from the day program, getting a chance to utilize unique materials in an art studio environment while connecting with the community and one another via the art therapy process. Led by Erin Rafferty-Bugher ATR-BC, LPCC, this program offers opportunities for students to receive art therapy fieldwork training, and an experience to work directly with seniors, individuals with dementia, and individuals with early onset Alzheimer’s.  Stay tuned for an art show with this group in May 2019; we may even be lucky enough to host the Open Circle Choir once again as part of the show experience - you do not want to miss this!

Art Therapy Gallery

Ebenezer Art Show Opening happening in early 2019,  to be announced soon! Look for details about this art show via social media and our Adler FB page soon.  This show will highlight the art work of the folks from Ebenezer/ Fairview’s Assisted Living Facility, facilitated by our art therapy student Hadley Rosenberg’s art therapy internship experience.  We have an 8 year partnership with Ebenezer; many folks have been a part of the art therapy group for as longs as it’s inception. Life Long Creativity!

Interested in more information about  Adler Graduate School, the Art Therapy Gallery, or Art Therapy Studio Partnerships? Email

Writing Center Corner

The Adler Writing Center has been sponsoring monthly participation by students and staff to submit creative and reflective writing responses to questions sent out to Adler e-mail accounts. Watch your email for a February writing center event and respond to win a prize!

Featured Entries

In November, participants were asked to write a paragraph about what they saw in the image below. Here's the winning entry, written by Mai Sue Lee.

“In this picture, I see a young village woman.  She is wearing a brightly colored shirt. The brightly colored shirt represents her personality: bright and optimistic. She is reaching towards the water.  To her, the action of reaching for the water is like reaching for her dreams. Her dreams are within reach; She just needs to grab it. At the same time, she is hesitating to go through with this action because she does not want to leave her family behind hence her facial expression and the blurriness of the background.  What is she to do?”

In November, participants were asked to write a paragraph describing a time when they felt profoundly grateful.  Here's the winning entry, written by Caila Kritzeck:

“The person I am most grateful for in my life is undoubtedly my father.  A particular moment when I felt profoundly grateful for him was during a phone call that we had.  It was during my senior year of college and I was approaching graduation. I was explaining to him what had to be purchased to walk across the stage; a gown, cap and the optional stole.  The graduation stoles came in several styles, some celebrating various cultures and ethnicities. I mentioned that there was an Asian/pacific island stole that I liked. My Dad said he would buy it for me and I refused, the stole cost $60 and it would only be worn once.  He insisted. I continued to say that I didn’t need it and did not want him to spend that much money on it. He then told me a story about my first communion in second grade. I had not remembered the event. Apparently, I wanted a brand new pair of white shoes to wear, just like all of the other little girls in my class would have.  At the tame, my Dad was a single parent and did not have the money to buy me a pair. I had to wear the old, beat up white shoes that I already had. He explained that he still felt bad about that and him buying me the stole would be his way of making up for it. I was immediately overcome with emotion. I felt bad that he had carried that with him, when I was not even able to recall wanting new shoes.  My Father has given me more than I could ever ask for in my life. This story is the epitome of who he is as a person. He is the most selfless individual I have ever known and I am eternally grateful to have been blessed enough to have him as my parent.”

Submissions are now being accepted for January! Submit one paragraph to with your favorite Adler quote, and why it is meaningful to you.  Deadline is January 25, 2019. There will be a drawing for a prize.

Supporting Adler

It's your contributions that make an impact on aspiring mental health professionals - fostering encouragement, collaboration, and a sense of belonging to the individuals, families, and the culturally diverse communities they serve. When you make a donation to Adler Graduate School,  your support will serve an area of your choice.

Capital Improvement/Building Fund

This fund supports the ongoing improvement of the physical facility creating an Adlerian Center, open to scholarship, networking, and education.

Adlerian Tuition Scholarship Fund

This Tuition Scholarship based on need supports students in obtaining their Masters of Arts or Certificate Degrees.

Social Interest in Action Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is for AGS students based on their financial need and plans for long-term community service.

President's Discretionary Fund

Supports the ongoing needs of Adler Graduate School as determined by the President.

Open Donation Fund

Open donations support the expansion and continuous improvement of Adler Graduate School.


Your donation is tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. For questions, contact AGS President, Jeffery Allen, at Jeffrey.allen@alfredadler.eduMake a donation today.