Adler Graduate School: Let's Go Virtual

NASAP Randick Presentation

The NASAP conference brings about new (and old) connections, insights, great speakers, and just a whole lot of fun learning from others who share in the teachings of Adlerian Theory. Naturally, we want to be part of the fun and present to our peers some of the innovative ideas we implement at Adler Graduate School (AGS). This year, we wanted to present on some of the current trends we are seeing at AGS and how these can be connected back to the education of our students. We explored the data on online learning and found that more and more students are wanting to pursue their education in the online environment. Our student participation in online courses increased over 300% over the past 5 years.

So, how do we connect this back to Adler and NASAP? Our presentation, Gemeinschaftsgefuhl Going Virtual: Creating Community, Connection, and Collaboration in the Online Education of Future Counselors, demonstrated how we continue to make these strong connections even in the virtual world. One of our initiatives is to strengthen our online learning community by providing our instructors with more resources and connections. In addition, with the growing number of counseling students enrolling in online education, there is need to learn how to develop a sense of community, connection, and collaboration in the virtual space. We are developing trainings for instructors on our current platforms as well as new ways to connect with students, creative teaching methods, and how to make learning exciting! To see a copy of our presentation follow these instructions:

  1. Download Blippar from the app store on your phone.
  2. Once downloaded, open. Click on the setting icon (gear)
  3. In the “Enter Code” area, enter code 890536 and confirm.
  4. Hit the x button in the center of the bottom screen.
  5. Hover your phone over the below image.
  6. Capture the image by pressing and holding the circle. 
    NASAP Slide Show Photo Summer 2018
  7. After completing the image capture, click on our picture (on your phone) for a copy of our presentation.

You just did your first Blip!