Adler Program Director Jean Budge Awarded Volunteer Award

Project DIVA Awards
Project DIVA Award Ceremony

Adler Graduate School aims to promote community, encouragement, and a sense of belonging through social interest in action. Recently, our Marriage and Family Interim Program Director Jean Budge was awarded a volunteer award for her work with Minnesota non-profit Project DIVA.

Project DIVA opened their doors 10 years ago with the goal to help young, black girls grades 3-12 develop self-identity through positive help and outlook. DIVA stands for dignity, integrity, virtue, and availability. The program matches aspiring girls with a mentor in their career field of interest. Project DIVA typically works with 20-30 girls who find the program through referrals, word of mouth, and school. Programs focus on emotional stability, career readiness, physical health, social health, and financial stability. Their mentors act as career coaches helping them find positive ways to find opportunity in their future endeavors.

Jean had the opportunity to mentor a 17-year old girl interested in the therapy and counseling field. Mentors usually work with their mentees for a period of a year. Jean has been working alongside her mentee since 2016 — when Project DIVA Career Coach Coordinator Martha Norris reached out for a counseling contact. When not mentoring, Jean has lead educational workshops on mental health to girls and their parents to promote wellness, additional support, and guidance.

The program has recently expanded to an Omaha location with the hopes of growing nationwide. Beside mentoring, volunteers can assist in community service, guest speaking, and through financial donations. To learn more or find creative ways to volunteer, click here.