Adler Graduate School Partners with House of Charity

House of Charity Logo

To embrace our mission, vision, values, and deep-rooted beliefs in a call for social interest in action, Adler Graduate School partners with various community organizations in offering discounted tuition scholarships. Our team recently met with each of our community partners to spotlight the social interest they have vested in our communities.

House of Charity began transforming lives in the early 1950s, offering meals, housing, chemical and mental health treatment, and public showers. “One of our primary goals is to help struggling individuals meet their basic human needs of food and housing while reducing barriers to their long-term self-sufficiency.” The supportive housing programs serves over 200 single adults and the Food Centre, at 714 Park Avenue, feeds more than 350 people each day.

House of Charity’s Day by Day Program (chemical and mental health recovery program) serves adults in the Twin Cities struggling with co-occurring disorders. The Day by Day program is a 120-day outpatient program that offers personalized recovery plans, health and wellness programming, psychotherapy, chemical health assessments, and more using an integrated, holistic approach to restore the mind, body, and spirit.

House of Charity offers Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) internships in their Day by Day program. Interns can practice their skills through hands on group sessions, office work, and learn from the expertise of co-workers in the field. Interns work along side Mental Health Professionals, LADC’s, and Clinical Case Managers to assist clients in completing their goals.

To learn more about House of Charity, contribute to their efforts, or find an internship placement, click here. Adler Graduate School is honored to partner with such charitable organizations that focus on giving back to the diverse communities we serve.House of Charity Building