Behind the Scenes of an Inpatient Psychotherapist & Case Manager

Cindy Anderson Quote

Have you ever wondered what you could do with a M.A. degree from Adler Graduate School (AGS)? We had the fortune of discussing life after graduation with an alumna, Cindy Anderson, MA, LPCC.

Cindy chose an unconventional route to college. She was a stay at home mother with a fear of public speaking. She took a single class at a local institution and fell in love with learning. One of her favorite undergraduate courses focused on organizational behavior, leading her down the path into psychotherapy. While her B.A. focuses on English literature, Cindy discovered that the integrative and investigative aspects of the human condition are littered throughout literature.

Since graduating in 2003, Cindy continued her work at her internship site, Pathways Counseling Center in St. Paul, opened a short-term private practice, and has since found her passion as an Inpatient Psychotherapist and Case Manager at the University of Minnesota Medical Center for the last ten years. At the medical center, the focus is on the tools and support patients need to improve and balance their lives. Cindy’s team accomplishes Adler Graduate School’s vision — transforming society through social interest in action.

While others may refer to her as a social worker, clinical treatment coordinator, or counselor, her patients relate to her as an advocate for change. Her day-to-day routines include early morning team meetings, researching her new patients’ history and catching up on the progress of her current patients, Rule 25 assessments , developing and collaborating on a plan of action, and confirming placements for patients following hospitalization. She can see up to seven clients daily.

Cindy reflects on her work saying, “While it took a year to fully grasp hospital procedures, I truly appreciate that Adler Graduate School provided a great foundation for my career field. It opened my eyes to seeing more to the world and the early recollection classes were invaluable.” In 2013, Cindy converted her LPC license to LPCC and completed a certification for supervision training this past spring through AGS.

At Adler Graduate School, we love to see our graduates in action. Cindy’s story inspires all of us at AGS to continue developing human services professionals. To learn more about our programs or discover what you can do with Adler Graduate School click here.