Adler Graduate School Moves to 4 Starts Per Year

Adler Graduate School is excited to announce a change in our admissions process. Starting today, AGS will be moving to a four starts per year enrollment process. The progression to four start times will allow us to report statistics, cultivate relationships, answer student inquiries, and smooth the transition of new graduate students.

Students will maintain a five-week course curriculum that includes one class per term; however, new students will only be admitted during the first session of each term. “Our hope is to better meet the needs of our new students by fully preparing them in time for their first class,” states Director of Admissions, Christina Hilpipre-Frischman. The new four start per year process will start with our spring term that begins April 2, 2018. The application is free, and prospective students may set up meetings with our admissions team prior to applying.

The Adler Graduate School has a distinguished history in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Through the encouragement and support of internationally known psychiatrist Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs, the institution was founded in 1967, as the Minnesota Adlerian Society. It began in the Twin Cities as a small movement to present Adlerian concepts to the regional community. Today, in addition to the Master of Arts in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy, the Adler Graduate School offers various certificate and other specialty study programs. It is a well-respected graduate institution educating and training mental health practitioners. At its core remains the Adlerian philosophy of encouragement, open-mindedness, and mutual support to advance the public interest.

For more information about our programs, contact our admissions team or set up an information session by calling (612) 767-7055. To apply for one of our esteemed program click here.