Materials from Other Libraries

If you’re looking for a book or article that’s not part of the AGS Library physical or online collections, contact AGS Library staff. We can help direct you to other access points for your research.

Interlibrary Loan

For Minnesota- based students, use your public library card (e.g., Hennepin County Library, Ramsey County Library, etc.) to search for items from nearly all Minnesota public libraries. If you find the item you’re seeking, you can enter your public library card information to have the item sent to your local library. Contact your local public library for assistance with Interlibrary loan access and requests.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota provides access to its extensive collections to graduate students. Students can receive on-site access to databases and journals as well as borrowing privileges for books. Access the website to fill out and find instructions for submitting the special borrowing privileges application.


Use WorldCat to see which libraries (both academic and public) own a particular book or journal title. WorldCat indexes materials in libraries around the world and sorts search results by distance from your location (zip code). Additionally, WorldCat contains links to various libraries that have an item so you can check its location and circulation status.