Adlerian Approaches and Developmental Adaptations Among the Bosnian Population

The purpose of this literature review is to show the importance of cultural competency in a way that connects Adlerian approaches with the Bosnian Muslim culture.  The Bosnian Muslim culture and the distinctive concepts and techniques of Adlerian theory are examined.  Given the lack of research on the Bosnian refugees’ resettlement process, the information in this review is used to demonstrate the environmental factors, ethnic identity, and mental health of the Bosnian culture.  Through a variety of Adlerian approaches, a Bosnian refugee can benefit by learning about themselves through encouragement and empowerment; therefore, this increased knowledge will improve the Bosnian refugee’s sense of belonging.

            Keywords:  refugee, Bosnian Muslims, Adlerian, Individual Psychology

Dzenita Subasic
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