An Adjunctive Holistic Approach to Adolescent Anxiety

Adolescents have been reporting increasing levels of anxiety since the early 20th century. Societal and environmental influences are likely having a negative impact on adolescent mental health, including lack of nourishing foods, insufficient sleep, circadian rhythm disruption, and diminished levels of daily movement and exercise.  This project proposes a holistic treatment approach to adolescent anxiety that can be used in addition to other traditional psychotherapeutic treatments options.  The essential components of this holistic approach included the following self-care habits: improving nutrition, optimizing sleep, and increasing exercise.  Individual Psychology can offer useful concepts, such as the Life Task Wheel, to better understand the changes an adolescent and family might make towards greater health.  Therapists can expect to spend three to six months supporting and guiding their client while new durable habits are established .  Further research regarding adolescents and health behavior change would be beneficial to a greater understanding of how therapists can best support adolescent clients with anxiety.

Christine A. David
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