An Adlerian Approach to a Collaborative School Counseling Program for Elementary Schools

School counselors teach social, emotional and academic learning to all students in schools.  School counselors also collaborate with teachers and other staff to address behavior issues in schools. Educators can be most effective in addressing behavior problems by building a personal relationship with students and creating a prosocial, positive classroom environment. When there is need for individual interventions based on a student’s problem behaviors, school counselors and teachers are encouraged to work collaboratively to help students. School counselors can assist teachers by demonstrating best practices when working with students, providing specific, strengths-based feedback and creating a positive relationship with teachers. School counselors may also look at students’ needs and the four goals of misbehavior to determine how to appropriately address issues. School counselors and teachers can decrease difficult behaviors in the classroom through a proposed co-teaching model that encompasses the four goals of misbehavior and social interest.

Keywords: School Counseling, Goals of Misbehavior, Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, collaboration

Anna Grady
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