Adlerian Assessment of the Developing Lifestyle of Children Using Art and Play

The purpose of this paper is to present a new Adlerian assessment of the developing lifestyle of children.  The assessment consists of a set of art and play directives that art therapists and play therapists can use to gather lifestyle information.  A review of the literature on how children communicate demonstrates children prefer to communicate in holistic ways, using art and play.  Art therapy and play therapy are presented as developmentally appropriate therapies for children.  Adlerian play therapy is discussed as a well-designed, empirically-validated model for working with children.  Using techniques from Adlerian play therapy, art therapy, and questions from formal Adlerian Lifestyle Interview templates, an Adlerian lifestyle assessment was created to be developmentally appropriate for children and is intended for use by art therapists and play therapists.  This assessment can assist therapists in identifying maladaptive aspects of a child’s developing lifestyle.

            Keywords: art therapy, play therapy, Adlerian, lifestyle, assessment, children

April Bergstrom
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