Using “Wise” Psychosocial Interventions to Address Social Stigma and Substance Use Relapse in Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders

Interventions that address stigma surrounding mental health and addiction may maximize the benefits of treatment; however, few interventions exist that address stigma among persons with co-occurring disorders.  Developing and implementing strategies to reduce internalized stigma as a barrier to recovery and mediate its impact on the individual’s perceived sense of belonging was critical to minimizing the impact on the individual’s social environment and society.  Early intervention may also help to forestall the emergence of acute COD presentations.  The purpose of this work was to shed light on the relevance of stigma, its relationship to substance use relapse in persons with COD, and to propose using ‘wise’ interventions that are currently and effectively in play in other contexts to address similarly potent social and behavioral problems, and to address opportunities in service delivery to increase motivation for the process of recovery in this population. 

Pamela Broz
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