Alfred Adler and Martin Buber: Telling the Dancer from the Dance

This project argues for Alfred Adler’s study of the soul in the creative force, claiming of inferiorities, unity and holism, and social interest as expressions of spirituality and a striving for perfection in a similar fashion to Martin Buber’s I-Thou philosophy of dialogue and his interpretations of Hasidism as a way to re-vision Judaism.  Adler’s study of the soul and Buber’s I-Thou philosophy create a spiritual subjectivity that grounds the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.  This project demonstrates through a historical perspective of Adler and Buber’s lives and a comparison of Individual Psychology to Buber’s Hasidism and the

I-Thou relationship how Adler’s psychology and Buber’s spirituality and his views of psychotherapy utilize an intersubjective and spiritual space for shared movement and an innate striving to overcome in the therapist and client relationship.

Ives K. Wittman
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