Common Factors Theory and Evidence-Based Practice, and Alfred Adler’s Holistic Concepts and Interventions

This paper offers a look into the concepts of common factors theory. Within common factors theory a discussion of the individual concepts is provided and how they are distinct yet integrated. Furthermore, an overview of the idea of evidence-based practices in psychotherapy treatment and the evidence-based movement is delivered. This paper also compares and contrasts the evidence-based movement in therapy with the ideals and concepts of the common factors theory. It is purported that evidence-based practices and common factors need not be mutually exclusive; yet broader and more inclusive terms may be needed for future research into why therapy is successful and what lies behind particular aspects of this success. Also, an exploration into Adlerian theory and some Adlerian concepts is offered. Finally, an overview of the link between Adlerian theory and common factors theory is provided.

Shannon Nelson
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