Using Adlerian and Narrative Therapies to Inspire Young Girls to Become the Creator of their Story

Adlerian and Narrative psychotherapy are similar in that they both view human beings from a holistic framework. Both assert that social influences play an essential role in human development and change. Adlerian theory is grounded in the belief that human behavior is goal oriented, and that individuals can be best understood in terms of how they move through their lives trying to achieve their goals. Narrative theory affirms that stories shape each individual's identity. Self-Discovery, as it will be understood in this discussion, is found in one's search for, and discovery of, his or her life purpose. Adlerian theory will serve as the foundation for the development of this group model, with the additional use of concepts and techniques from Narrative theory as they support or expand the model. The goal of this project is to create a group therapy model in which adolescent girls are afforded the opportunity to explore and learn more about themselves and their patterns of relating to others and identifying their self-concept. Additionally, the goal of this paper is to create a model in which the members of the group will be able to make meaning of past experiences by using the Adlerian concept of the “Creative Self” to: (1) revise their stories of those experiences, (2) engage in building their self-esteem and discovering their purpose in life, and (3) identify how to live out that purpose in socially interested ways in their communities.
Keywords: Adlerian Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Group Therapy, Adolescent Girls

Kadie Natasha Ellestad
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