An Adlerian Lens: What Variables Affect Breastfeeding Six Months Postpartum in the United States

The purpose of this study is to evaluate breastfeeding in the early postpartum period. The following academic investigation concludes poor family and social support, employment and childcare, and lack of knowledge are a few of many barriers to breastfeeding. Through an Adlerian lens, the findings are discussed using a “Wheel of Breastfeeding” framework while measuring the significance of individual sense of belonging. A community group, a breastfeeding support intervention, will implement services to all sectors of society to decrease found barriers and increase breastfeeding duration and a sense of belonging. “The importance of human society is to found a society that embraces the whole human race” (Dreikurs, 1989, p. 8). Areas for future study are ‘prematurity’ and ‘perinatal mood disorders,’ and their effects on ‘breastfeeding duration’.

Deborah Lynn Meggitt
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