A Spiritual, Psychological, and Emergent Approach to Creating in Mutually Beneficial Relationships that Impact the World and Transcend Self

Change in any environment is a constant. Therefore the ability to change and adapt is a long term key competitive advantage in an organization. Teams are often used to adapt to fast changing environments “at the edge of chaos”. The simple objective of this paper is to provide a framework for transforming a mere collection of talented individuals into a highly cohesive unit where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Linear based “command and control’ systems often fail to capture the intangible value of human creativity. High performance teams thrive in structures that value their members and understand the salient factors in team performance lies within its members´ competency, creativity, energy, and commitment. This paper explores how energy is created, organized, and directed to create and experience emergent outcomes by exploring spirituality, the creative orientation in the human psyche, and emergence as it relates to high performance teaming.

Troy Dunlap
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