Adlerian Considerations for Parenting and Educating Gifted Children

This document is designed to educate parents and those working with parents on the different excitabilities, education considerations, and socialization so as to provide usable skills through the foundation of encouragement. Unique psychological adaptions of gifted and talented children will be looked at while recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Oversensitivities within these children will be explored and examples of how they present themselves will be provided. There has been significant research done in the past few years on this topic, which is extremely helpful to educate parents, teachers, mental health professionals and others to better understand these children. These children often are not gifted in all areas and may become discouraged in areas that challenge them. They may also be overly sensitive to things such as noise, textures, and emotions. This paper will address the different types of behaviors and how from an Adlerian point of view one can parent or provide therapy effectively.

Susan R. Riekels
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