An Adlerian Based Approach to Trauma, PTSD and SUD Treatment in Women

The dual diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders affects a large number of people. Various treatments have been used for addressing these co-occurring disorders and have now been empirically tested. There are several ways to approach the treatment of co-occurring disorders: integrated (treatment of comorbid disorders at the same time, by the same provider); sequential (treatment of one disorder, then the other); parallel (treatment of each disorder, but in separate treatments); and single diagnosis (treatment of just one disorder). The goal of this project is to examine an integrated treatment of dually diagnosed post-traumatic stress and substance use disorders. Secondary objective includes the exploration of applying an Adlerian perspective of lifestyle and social interest to enhance treatment outcomes. The final goal is to show evidence that treatment for the dual diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders may be improved by incorporating an Adlerian theoretical approach to integrated treatment.
Keywords: integrated, co-occurring, social interest, lifestyle, coping

Shirley R. Butcher
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