A Comprehensive Guide to Helping Victims of Military Sexual Trauma

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) represents an experience that many of this country’s Veterans have endured, and consequently struggle with today. Many civilian practitioners will encounter survivors of MST, as many Active Duty and National Guard Soldiers have spent a great deal of time deployed overseas in support of military operations. The major aim of this document is to identify the specific prevention, education, and training efforts taken by the Department of Defense (DoD), and the identification and treatment efforts made by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) in lieu of this problem. This identification process is undertaken in an attempt to establish whether or not current processes to treat MST survivors are effective. DoD and VHA directives, instructions, policy and mandates were examined and referenced, as well as the most current scholarly research in the field regarding MST. Upon conclusion of this document, civilian practitioners will be able to make informed decisions regarding appropriate interventions, beneficial referrals, and relevant information to provide the survivors of MST.
Keywords: military sexual trauma, veterans, civilian, practitioners

Jan Michael Husby
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