A Holistic, Adlerian - Based Post-Rehabilitation Mental Health and Chemically Sober Aftercare Program Incorporating Complementary & Alternative Modality Therapies and Culturally Specific Interventions for a Native American Community

The field of chemical dependency recovery is expanding yearly with deepening scientific insights predicated on research and outcome-based interventions. Today, mental health therapies lean on evidence–based outcomes as proof of effectiveness of a variety of techniques that help clients. There is also a growing awareness that chemical dependency issues are best addressed by population-specific interventions. It is imperative for the growing number of clients seeking a sober, mentally stabilized, productive life that the processes implemented in a program designed for both mental health and chemically dependent recovery clients are sound and generative of consistent results. These three facets of chemical dependency recovery, mental health therapies, and culturally responsive interventions can be incorporated to deliver a solid Adlerian-based aftercare program.

Nancy A. Lowe
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