A Phenomenological Inquiry: In the Context of Organizational Development, How Does Experiential Teambuilding in the Form of a High ROPES Course, Contribute to Positive Leadership Development, and How Can it be Improved?

Organizations have been using High ROPES Courses as a teambuilding intervention for over thirty years. The purpose of this study was to research the needs of today’s organizations and identify how courses are delivering teambuilding programs that satisfy those needs. Programs currently offered to organizations may be beneficial to positive leadership development as they are. However, after making modifications based on recent leadership data and theory, program results could be enhanced. To find answers, data was gathered from historical and current research in the area of organizational development and teambuilding, and then used to create a tool in which to measure the effectiveness of programs in relation to today’s organizational needs. Initial program enhancements were implemented and tested for validity. In the end, results and recommendations on how to use High ROPES Courses as an effective teambuilding intervention in the field of Organizational Development were reported.

Katherine T. Whitnah
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