Adler, Coaching, Midlife Clients, and Career Transition

Little has been written about Alfred Adler’s influence on the coaching profession. This writer will attempt to explore not only Adler’s influence, but also specifically how it might apply to midlife clients exploring career transition. It is this writer’s objective to find out if career coaching is an effective alternative to psychotherapy for the target population of midlife career changers. Can coaching help midlife clients facing career transitions navigate this shift successfully? Coaching is a relatively new field, and is unregulated. This writer will explore coaching’s effectiveness with the target population, as well as an in depth study of how both genders might respond to coaching differently and why. Further exploration will involve those seeking to further their education to work in a new field, those seeking the path of entrepreneurship, and those in the target population who change careers due to job loss. The experiential project will consist of a proposed career coaching methodology designed by this writer and presented from an Adlerian perspective to a live audience.

Jaqueline Raye
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