An Adlerian Framework for Encouraging Dementia Resilience

Current victim-centric and medicalized approaches to dementia care are inadequate to minimize human and financial costs, especially given predictions of large increases in numbers of people who experience this disorder. Most people with dementia, their caregivers, and their families struggle within society‘s dominant constructions about the personal impact of the dementia experience. A new therapeutic point of view that supports efforts to thrive despite the challenges that can be associated with dementia will create a foundation of social justice for these people. Adlerian psychology, integrated with resilience theory, provides a framework to help people find meaning and clarify their movement, that is, their purposive behavior, as well as to increase their courage to persist. In encouraging dementia resilience, meaning, movement, and courage are the vehicles for thriving and personal growth. Through coping rather than reacting, adapting relationships rather than withdrawing, and growing rather than endlessly repeating unsuccessful behaviors, people can find that this journey, while arduous, need not dead-end at diminishment and suffering.

Judith Pinke
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