Counseling Men

11/5/2021 - 11:30am to 1:30pm CDT

This presentation will enable counselors and therapists to be more effective with men in therapy. It will encourage the training to allow men to become more engaged and the reach them more effectively. The phenomenology of men in therapy will be described as well as the most common pitfalls.

Participants will be able to neutralize possible sexist agendas wherein the therapist is aligned with the relationship and not the female client or the male client.

Participants will learn how to make men feel safe in the counseling sessions.

Participants will learn how to effectively validate men's feelings without enabling their anger.


Jere Truer, MA, has been on the Adler Graduate School faculty since 2004, and is also an alumnus of the school (1989). Having formerly been on the general faculty until 2012, he resigned that position and moved over to serve students taking individual and group Didactic.

Jere was in private practice in Uptown Minneapolis from 1992 until 2013, but has worked in the mental health field in several capacities since 1977. In 2013, he retired his private practice and moved to Central Colorado where he and his wife have a Bed and Breakfast in the Rocky Mountains just west of Denver.

Because of this move, Jere conducts his individual sessions via Skype, or via phone if necessary. He does travel to Minnesota, however, for the classroom group Didactics.

Jere’s interests and specialties are in trauma, addictions, spirituality, and integrative approaches to healing. He also blends a healthy dollop of Jungian thought, as well as mythology and literature, into his Adlerian practice.

Jere Truer, MA
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