Counselor and Nature Connection: Rescheduled due to weather - approved for 6 CE’s

10/1/2021 - 9:00am to 4:00pm CDT

Part of developing cultural humility in counseling is to explore one’s own identity and to seek to understand the lived experiences of people who are different than ourselves. This 6-hour workshop will help counselors explore one of many layers of identity, environmental identity. Environmental identity involves how one views themselves in relation to the natural world.

The park where the training will be held and its location will be decided by mid August and will be local to the Twin Cities.


The objectives of this workshop are as follows:

• Participants will review the Reese Ecowellness model—using Ecowellness as a theoretical lens, participants will be invited to examine their own relationship with nature and environmental identity

• Participants will be encouraged to contemplate ways to open dialogue and embrace diverse experiences of people we meet

• Participants will engage in dialogue around the ethical principles of Do No Harm and Beneficence in the context of environmentalism including discussion about transformational and humble tourism/exploration

• Participants will discuss environmental agency, advocacy and the honoring of land, water, and wildlife in professional work


Here is some information on the format of the workshop:

• Introduce EcoWellness, Holistic Wellness Models, and the Group EcoWellness Model of Change (Reese, 2012; 2020)

• Engage in an experiential group activity which can be used in various settings

• Participate in a group dialogue about environmental identity development

• Discussion of how environmental identity factors may influence our work with clients

• Goal setting for future learning


What to expect:

• The workshop will be conducted entirely outdoors. Location will be determined in mid-August - either Edenbrook Conservation Area (Eden Prairie), Carver Park Reserve (Victoria), or Hyland Park Reserve (Bloomington).

• Please bring what you need to be comfortable; snacks, lunch, water, a portable chair, bug spray and sunscreen. Also wear appropriate clothing and footwear for unpaved trails. Please let us know about any accessibility concerns as we finalize the location.


Michelle Doerr, MS, is a wildlife biologist with a Master’s in Wildlife Management from the University of Missouri. She worked for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in several capacities dealing with human-wildlife interactions. She started Anavah Consulting LLC to work with individuals, groups, companies and organizations interested in better human-human, human-wildlife, and human-landscape connections. She is a graduate of the National Conservation Leadership Institute, an elite program for conservation leaders. She obtained a certificate in Advanced Adlerian Psychology and is a member of the North American Society for Adlerian Psychology. She came to study Adler after she saw how his principles helped a child’s eating disorder when a specialty treatment center couldn’t. Adlerian principles and ecological principles combined are the heart of her purpose; to help self and others value all life on earth.


Bre Hiivala Cahoy, EdD is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and full-time faculty member in the Counseling Program at Adler Graduate School. She has experience in career development, employee assistance programs, and has served as an advocate at a campus Women’s Center. Her dissertation was about the relationship between nature relatedness, nature exposure, and quality of work life in student affairs professionals. Bre appreciates the inclusion of nature in self to understanding holistic wellbeing and healing for individuals and organizations. She integrates holism and Adlerian principles in her daily work with students as a counselor educator.

Michelle Doerr, MS
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