Grief and Loss During A Pandemic - 3 CE's

6/4/2021 - 11:00am to 2:30pm CDT

Because grief is the only emotion that will not be ignored, when one is not aware of his or her grief or chooses to deny it, the grief compounds on itself, multiplies, and gains debilitating strength. No event in recent history has created as much grief in so many lives, and on so many levels, as the pandemic. It is through the lens of the pandemic that we are able to clearly see the several different types of grief experienced in society, as well as how different models of grief are applied to those different types.

Participants will gain an appreciation of the wide scope of events that can create grief, possible co-occurring diagnoses, and the differences between the various forms and models of grief, as seen through the lens of the pandemic. Tools will also be given for working through the grief process, from inception to healing.


Chris is a 1991 graduate of Alfred Adler Graduate School, and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Since her initial internship in hospice support, she has been amazed by how much of life’s problems are tied to a person’s sense of loss – real, imagined, or anticipated. Gaining the tools to work through the grief people experience, has been a large part of her various practices over the last 20 years.

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