Autism as a Risk Factor for Disrupted Attachment

4/9/2021 - 11:00am to 2:30pm CDT

This workshop will discuss the attachment between child and caregiver.

About this Event

This workshop will review details of attachment, both secure and disrupted, and discuss the intricate child/caregiver interactions that contribute to the development of attachment. The presenter will take a deep dive into the neurodiversity and neurobiological differences of the Autism Spectrum and examine how such unique differences influence both the child and caregiver coming together in ways that impact the development of attachment. Then, we will shift to application of this knowledge and look at how the Neurodiversity perspective can be integrated with a trauma-informed approach. The presenter will discuss how you can use this integration to therapeutically intervene with children and caregivers in a deeply healing and lasting way.

Workshop Objectives:

- Enhance understanding of how attachment develops between child and caregiver

- Introduce the concept of Neurodiversity

- Increase knowledge of the unique Neurodiversity of children on the spectrum

- Understand how Neurodiversity can impact the development of child/caregiver attachment

- Begin learning how to use a Neuordiversity lens to support the prevention and/or repair of disrupted attachments

- Integrate the concept of Trauma Informed Care with other information presented


Presenter’s Bio: Erica is a passionate advocate for the autism community; holding a deeply held belief that the more service providers understand the intricacies of the spectrum, the better this community will be served. As a presenter, her goal is to increase awareness of the Neurodiversity perspective while equipping attendees with knowledge of the neurobiology of the spectrum, how to use that knowledge and expand their understanding of Autism and, therefore, better serve members of this community.

Erica holds two master's degrees, one in Child Development and the other in Adlerian Psychotherapy with a focus in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has years of experience working with young children on the Autism Spectrum, and their caregivers, and has completed advance professional training in working with this community. Further, Erica is a certified DIR/Floortime practitioner, which is a developmental-relational model, built upon infant mental health, specifically attuned to meeting the therapeutic needs of children on the autism spectrum. She has a private practice, Canopy Family Services, LLC, which specializes in therapeutically serving the Autism community.

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