Spiritual Self Talk-A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Healing - on Zoom

3/26/2021 - 11:00am to 2:00pm CDT

Whatever inner voice or “self-talk” people follow will create their experience. Since human nature is unconsciously conditioned to operate from ego, they often follow a voice of fear, creating “mistaken beliefs” that immobilize and limit their potential. Given the basic premise that we can choose our thoughts, participants will learn how to identify and heal mistaken, fear-based beliefs and the feelings that result from them.

Participants will learn how to acknowledge and embrace negative and limiting voices so these voices do not overpower. They will explore how to create an opening to the heart and listen to what love would say followed by a simple technique to integrate new beliefs. They will be given tools to access the spiritual heart and create the kind of thoughts that will better serve their clients.

Objective: 1) Participants will learn methods for transforming Adler's theory of mistaken beliefs, helping clients access an inner loving voice that speaks from truth and acceptance. 2) Participants will learn ways of integrating spiritually-based methods into psychotherapy and counseling practices. They will leave with exercises and meditations they can easily utilize with clients. 3) Participants will increase knowledge on deeper healing of early memories using a visualization method that creates safety and love.

This workshop is led by Lisa Venable, MA.

NBCC approved for 3 CE hours. MFT pending

Lisa Venable, MA
$0 – $65
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