Making Fear and Anxiety Useful

3/12/2021 - 11:00am to 2:15pm CST

The knowledge base for this workshop is Adlerian Psychology.

The knowledge base for this workshop is Adlerian Psychology. It is based in, the self determined development of human personality, through the innate:

—-human goal orientation.

—-our human spirit to overcome life’s difficulties.

—-both accurate and errant movement to the goal.

—-a deeply personal striving toward the goal.

—-our Normal and Neurotic beliefs impacting our movement to the goal.

—-active choosing between self interest and Social Interest.

—-human cognition as comprising instinct, intuition, emotion, thinking, and acting.

—-individual formation of ones own Psychological Life Style.

Professionals internalizing the above will enhance:

—-ability to read human dynamics in relationships at a more “primal” level.

—-identify and treat what is “under” conflicted relational interactions more effectively


. Objectives:

—-1)Mental HealthProfessionals having knowledge of the “primal person”, in terms of fear, threat, and inferiority can use what they learn to assess and intervene with individual, marital and familial cases.

—-2)Mental Health Professionals understanding Adler’s 2 psychologic patterns will be able to differentiate and intervene on “useless” patterns and behaviors and move behaviors in a useful direction.

—-3) Mental Health Professionals will learn how to help individuals uniquely process fear, threat, and inferiority to help them function.


Practice: In 1984, John Reardon established Phoenix Process Consultants as a counseling and consulting practice. He has done individual, marital, and family therapy up to the present.


From 2000 to the present he has worked with divorcing families on such issues as:




During this period, he has formed, trained, led, and conducted consultation with treatment teams.

From 2015, he has created and trained professionals in:

—-Advanced Adlerian Psychology

—-Wellness Life Process

John has also done major Human & Organization Development work with:

—-Minnesota Supreme Court

—-Hennepin County Judges

—-Minnesota State Department of Economic Security

—-Minnesota Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers


Training: In 1984, John completed his MA, in Counseling Psychology at the Adler Institute in Chicago.

He is certified in:

—-Counseling Psychology

—-Transactional Analysis

—-Addiction Intervention

—-Prepare & Enrich Marital Work


Teaching: John’s teaching record shows:

—-1971-73—Regina High School—-Religion

—-1972-75—St. Catherine’s College—-Theology

—-1986-88—Minnesota University—-Human & Organization Development (HOD)

—-1998-2015—Adler Graduate School of Minnesota—-3 courses in HOD, and 4 courses in Psychotherapy.

John Reardon, MA
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