Equine Assisted Therapy Revisited

1/24/2021 - 12:00pm to 2:15pm CST

Time of presentation is 12 - 2:15pm, please ignore the incorrect time on EventBrite.

This course will introduce the concept of including the use of a horse to provide an experiential therapy that highlights relational skills, promotes emotional regulation and self-awareness.

The course will be broken into two parts: Groundwork and Mounted work. Each section will be one and a quarter hour long and include discussions, video and Q&A. The groundwork is the basis of equine assisted therapy, and is where we begin to work on connection. The mounted work is where we work to calm the brain stem and maintain the connection with the horse to practice emotional regulation, mindfulness, and self-awareness and to process trauma.

This course will discuss the philosophical stance, discuss principles and methods, followed by a film to demonstrate. Time will be allowed for questions and answers.

Approved for 2.5 CE's

Participants will gain an understanding of relationship principles that apply to all relationships and how the client can practice building these skills with a horse, as well as humans.

Participants will learn how rhythmic sensory input calms the brain stem and promotes the development of new neuropathways.

Participants will understand the importance of high heartrate variability and the need to expand our window of tolerance.

Participants will learn how the feedback loop between the client and the horse provides real time feedback about their state to promote emotional regulation.


Patti Brown is an Adler Graduate School alumna and LMFT in private practice. She is also a certified Adlerian Coach as well as a certified Nutrition Therapist. In 1999 she proposed to the U of M to be allowed to do a self-designed BS in Equine Assisted Therapy. She has trained and practiced in different models over the years and integrates many approaches into her equine work. Most recently, she was trained in an EMDRIA approve course in providing Equine Connected EMDR.

She has owned two horse farms and has had around 30 horses, including several rescue horses that were rehabbed and rehomed. She currently has two horses, one that is utilized in her practice and one that is in training to become her personal therapist.

Patti Brown
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