Co-parenting:How Private Logic Undermines Child Focused Parenting - Approved for 3 CE’s

11/6/2020 - 11:00am to 2:15pm CST

The objective of this course is to help professionals working in the field of marriage and family therapy to understand how unresolved co-dependent patterns from the marriage can undermine child focused parenting in 2 home family systems.

Therapists will learn healthy and unhealthy systemic dynamics; correlations between 1 and 2 home family systems entrenched in family court; application of how to support health in these family systems; and how to ethically work with legal professionals involved

Participants will have an understanding of:

Co-dependency; enmeshment patterns and private logic in families;

the divorce cycle; conflict; and professional involvement impact;

AFCC guidelines; professional ethics; and how to best work within these guidelines while staying in your professional role.

Lori Thibodeau is a business owner, trainer, speaker, and mental health professional. Lori has many years of experience working with systems that struggle with organizational conflict, parental conflict, parent-child conflict, divorce, alcohol and drug issues, incarceration of a parent, parent-child separation, special education needs of children, and mental health disorders. Her education is in counseling and psychotherapy and licensure by the board of marriage and family therapy. Lori currently works in private practice at The Bridging Center specializing in family systems experiencing divorce, family conflict, and co-parenting issues. Her career focus is promoting individual and systemic health in families.

Joseph Noble is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. He has a Master's degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy. He is a Co-parenting and Divorce educator and Coach.

He is responsible for the following programs:

• Bridging Parental Conflict® Divorce Education Co-creator and Instructor

• Blending Families: Roles and Boundaries™, Co-creator and Instructor

• Rebalancing Power in a Co-parenting Relationship, Co-creator and Instructor.

He has a career focus on child development and parental leadership in conflicted family systems and works in developmental counseling focusing on men and adolescent males.

He does Training, counseling, and psycho-education to create and nurture positive and healthy family relationships.


Joseph Noble
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