Lifestyle Analysis Revisited - Approved for 2 CE’s

9/25/2020 - 11:00am to 1:15pm CDT

This workshop will show how the constellation of the family relates to current patterns of beliefs and behaviors. How the family system and the individual's perception of their role in it affects social relationships and family relationships in adulthood.

Participants will learn how the family system manifests the future behavior based in parental relationship birth order and relationships within the birth family. Specific styles of relating within the family system manifest in later life.

Knowledge of these styles is helpful to understand client’s current presenting issues.

First hour lecture will present the basic structure of a person's Lifestyle, or "pattern of life," (schema or apperception), and how to analyze data from the family history.

The second hour will be a discussion of specific techniques to analyze a person's "style of life" or Lifestyle.


Approved for  2 CE’s   MFT pending


Catherine Hedberg is a Licensed Psychologist who works in private practice. She received her Master of Arts from Adler Graduate School. She became a faculty member at the school and taught the Lifestyle Analysis course for many years until she retired from teaching to go into private practice.

Catherine Hedberg
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