The Outdoor Life Task, Michelle Doerr, MS

8/21/2020 - 11:00am to 1:15pm CDT

The field of ecopsychology and the human-nature connection is not new. However, COVID has, for many, shown us the importance of the outdoors and nature in our health and wellbeing as well as why everyone needs outdoor spaces nearby. Parks, lakes and, wild spaces have seen an increase in use because these spaces help us feel like we belong. So what is it that nature provides us for our health and wellbeing? In this workshop we are going to dig into our desire to belong and be healed by Earth. We will practice, through a homework activity, getting connected to nature and its healing powers. We will share our reflections from this and one other activity to discuss their use, our own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of clients. We will see how childhood recollections in nature contribute to our current environmental identity. We will discuss a two indoor nature-related activities to aid in wellbeing when we cannot go outside.

Participants will:

1. Practice interventions where nature aids in wellbeing.

2. Learn about childhood influences to our environmental identities.

3. Discuss nature in reference to the tasks of life


This workshop would normally be held outdoors. To replace that experience, you will receive an outdoor assignment upon registration and this outdoor assignment is REQUIRED for participation. It is the activity that is a key component to learning. A survey link will be included and the survey must be completed at least 2 days before the webinar to receive the webinar link. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Michelle Doerr is a wildlife biologist with a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Missouri. She worked for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in several capacities dealing with human-wildlife interactions. She started Anavah Consulting LLC to work with individuals, groups, companies and organizations interested in better human-human, human-wildlife, and human-landscape connections. She teaches several workshops on Ecopsychology at Adler Graduate School. She is a graduate of the National Conservation Leadership Institute, an elite program for conservation leaders and a National Faculty for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. She obtained a certificate in Advanced Adlerian Psychology from Phoenix Process Consultants. She came to study Adler after she saw how his principles helped a child’s eating disorder when a specialty treatment center could not. Adlerian principles and ecological principles combined are the heart of her purpose; to help self and others value all life on earth.

Michelle Doerr, MS
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