Mindful Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals - Burnout & Fatigue

8/7/2020 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CDT

This workshop will be presented through ZOOM.

Do you find yourself fatigued as you care compassionately for clients?· Do you need tools for greater boundaries so you can support your self?· Do you need a stress reliever in your day?

You can work with clients in a way that won’t burn you out. Learn how to create supportive self-talk, a balance of giving and receiving and, take better care of your emotions. Learn a process to embrace others’ suffering, pain or trauma without trying so hard to “fix” it. Help clients and yourself create calm in the midst of stress.

Burnout and Compassion Fatigue:

Learn techniques that boost energy and decrease burn-out.o Explore ways to deal with emotional aspects of counseling.o Explore mistaken beliefs around helping others using Adler and RET.o Mindfulness exercises that create calm and greater ability to deal with trauma, difficult people and compassion fatigue.

Educational objectives:· Participants will learn how to transform interfering beliefs into supportive self-talk for greater self-care and stress reduction.· Participants will learn ways to reduce “taking on the emotions of others”· Participants will utilize Mindfulness to combat compassion fatigue.

Lisa Venable has extensive experience in public speaking,facilitation and training in variety of arenas and audiences.

Excellent at problem-solving and work well with all types of people and organizations.

She counsels using a holistic, self-empowerment model with individuals andgroups, assisting people to find their own answers and perspectives.

She uses Lifestyle, early recollection techniques and Mindfulness meditation,Mind, Body, Spirit~ Strong ability to help people connect to their inner life,create calm, self-care and heal mental and emotional energies for greater wellbeing.

She has extensive experience in Mindfulness Meditation

Lisa Venable
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