"Stress Management, and Burnout Prevention for Instructors, Students, and Helping Professionals” - Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark, MA, LICSW- Session Delivered Virtually Face to Face Through Zoom

5/22/2020 - 9:00am to 12:15pm CDT

This is an online course

A Three hour presentation.

Particularly for academic students, staff, and social service sprofessionals, the world can sometimes turn us into poster children for stress management, burnout issues, and cause us to crave greater interpersonal partnership, community and support as we battle isolation. Think about it: assignments, internship deadlines; payroll issues; staffing or cliente conflilcts; delays in payments for work provided; absenteism, thefts, balancing personal health, home, and work duties; these are just the beginning of issues that can bring distress for those us who study to earn a degree, teach students, who may be employees of, or own… (or strive to own) a businesses. Often, these issues can easily submerge us into the abyss of burnout as we battle a never ending war with late nights and weekend work, worry, and weariness.

This presentation is designed to effectively instruct students, instructors, staff, social service professionials, and business owners of any size, with understanding, awareness and skills related to preventing and managing stress / distress, isolation and burnout in their world. Participants will leave this presentation ready to use new skills, while preventing & reducing day-to-day stressful challenges, crisises, or isolation from highjacking success.


1. Participants will understand the difference between healthy stress and distress.

2. Participants will understand the difference between workplace isolation,

and lonliness.

3. Participants will understand the difference between burnout and stress / distress.

4. Participants will recognize their own challenges & causes of distress,

and to what extent they let it affect their life.

5. Participants will recognize their own challenges & causes of isolation, and

to what extent they let it affect their life.

6. Participants will develop an awaeness of their own physiological distress signals, and

related reactions when feeling isolated or burned out.

7. Participants will develop the awareness and skills needed to efectively

recover from distress, and to prevent it from becoming distress.

8. Participants will develop the awareness and skills needed to efectively recover from

bouts of discomfort when feeling isolated, and to prevent it from derailing work efforts.

9. Participants will learn sound, effective and practical techniques to prevent and

manage distress, isolation and burnout throughout their lives.

Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark, MA. LICSW is the owner and Clinical Director of the Center for Integrated Well-Being, Inc. (CIWB), in Roseville, MN. He works as a holistic psychotherapist, educator and consultant with more than 28 years of experience. Jeffry has been an on going consultant and stress manageent trainer with the Minnesota Welfare To Work Program. Additionally, since 1990, he has presented and facilitated stress management and self-regulation trainings in a wide variety of settings, some include the following: St. Paul SCORE, IBM in Rochester; Lakeview Hospital; Minnesota State Operated Community Services. (DHS); William Mitchell College of Law; Century College; Autism conferences, Professional Psychological Associations in Minnesota. Jeffry is dedicated to supporting class attendees in having enriching experiences that are life enhancing, health nourishing, and deeply transformational.

Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark, MA, LICSW
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