Introduction to Ecopsychology - Michelle Doerr - MA

2/28/2020 - 9:00am to 4:30pm CST

This introduction to Ecopsychology is meant for therapists, psychologists, social workers, students in these fields or anyone interested in a holistic approach to well-being and the human/nature connection. The goal of Ecopsychology is to unite personal well-being with planetary well-being. Combining Adlerian Holism and Striving for Social Interest we will claim how cooperation creates both social interest and Unity that Adler declares is mentally healthy. Like early recollection affect adult behaviors so do our experiences with nature at a young age. We will assess ourselves in our nature connection and apply this information to assess others. Two simple nature-related interventions will be practiced.


  • To understand the basic principles of ecopsychology
  • To assess your own ecological beliefs
  • To learn to assess others
  • To understand basic interventions

Michelle Doerr is a wildlife biologist with a Master’s in Wildlife Management from the University of Missouri. She worked for Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in several capacities dealing with human-wildlife interactions. She started Anavah Consulting LLC, a private consulting business to help “Main Street grow and Mother Nature flourish” after working for the archery industry for over ten years. Her primary clients are in the outdoor industry but works with anyone interested in better human-human, human-wildlife, and human-landscape connections. She is a graduate of the National Conservation Leadership Institute, an elite program for conservation leaders. She obtained a certificate in Advanced Adlerian Psychology from Phoenix Process Consultants. She came to study Adler after she saw how his principles helped a child’s eating disorder when a specialty treatment center couldn’t. Adlerian principles and ecological principles combined are the heart of her purpose; to help self and others value all life on earth.

Michelle Doerr - MA
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